Foosball Techniques for Beginners

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Foosball can be a very competitive and challenging game. If you are a beginner at playing this entertaining game and you’d want to become a professional foosball player, then there are some techniques and skills that you need to master. Generally, these techniques can be categorized into three major categories – passing, shooting, and defense.


Passing is an important technique in foosball that requires both patience and skill. It’s quite hard to point out where exactly in the foosball table the ball will land. Thereby, you’re going to practice a lot in order to master all the passing techniques of a foosball game. Wall pass and lane pass brush techniques are important passing techniques every aspiring foosball player need to learn. Mastering these two skills is a good start for a beginner.


When paying foosball, It’s very crucial that you know what type of shot you should take and also when to take it. Usually, the choices of shots include the pull shot, push shot, kick shot, and the snake shot. Each one of these shots will generate a different effect on the foosball ball. For a beginner, it’s recommended that you begin with shots that are easy to learn and easy to execute. Usually, the push and pull shots are recommended for beginners. Along the way, as you advance to a professional player, you can proceed to learn more complex shots. And as you learn each shot technique, it’s important that you identify which shot is best for a given situation.


In foosball game, defense is what makes a player win. If you make good line of defensive stances against your opponent, it will effectively keep them from scoring. This will be enough to control the game and set the tempo which will make you a winner. Usually, there is a corresponding defense counterpart of each shot. If you know the basic techniques, you can effectively block a push shot and a rollover shot. You can also defend bank shots with ease. Just play both sides, and you will surely win.

As far as defense is concerned, you need to be more aggressive in your game. An aggressive defense means hitting the ball hard, among several other things. The harder you hit a ball, the tougher it is for your opponent to defend. But remember hitting the ball hard will be worthless if you cannot strike it accurately. So make sure you focus on force and accuracy and when you are on the defense – the combination of these two skills is vital for winning the game. If you master them, you will be difficult to beat.
Learning the above foosball techniques and skills isn’t enough to become a good player. You also need to master each and every one of them and know which to use in a given situation. This requires a little sacrifice and dedication on your part. If you have a foosball table in your house, you have to all the time to perfect your skills and become good foosball player.

Tips for Playing at a Tournament

After you have begun to master your foosball skills, it’s time to fine-tune them with the help of your relatives and friends. When you are ready for stiff competition, you can consider joining a local foosball association or club. This will provide you with the skills you need to play in a tournament.

If you’re planning to play in a tournament, it’s important that you learn the rules that will be enforced by the officials of foosball tournament. They are just standard rules, but you need to be careful to not break any of them as you’ll be penalized.  Also, the tournaments use excellent tables like Tornado foosball tables, so we’d recommend practicing on one so you’re used to the feel of it.

When you get to the table games tournament, the following are some tips and tricks to help you succeed:

1. Play on a new table with new balls
This will help you to prepare for the equipment likely used at tournaments.
2. Stay calm and collected
You need to play in several tournaments so that you’ll feel as if you are playing at home.
3. Always be persistent
Remember that a person fails when they stop trying
4. Make sure you maintain your training regimen
This includes what you drink, what you eat, and also how much you sleep. Any changes to these factors could cause your foosball game to significantly decline.
5. Be patient
Be patient in your game but always be prepared to attack when you get an opportunity.